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UMBC Public Health Dashboard

This dashboard provides timely data about the prevalence of COVID-19 within our main campus, based on UMBC’s on-campus testing and reported results from off-campus testing among UMBC faculty, staff, and students who are approved to be on campus this fall. All community members approved to be on campus must complete COVID-19 testing, daily symptom tracking, and health and safety training requirements. Every positive case has received appropriate follow-up. Learn more through UMBC’s Health & Safety page.

UMBC is conducting weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing of select on-campus populations. Data reflecting the results of surveillance testing are provided as available.

Last Updated: 2020-10-14 12:00 p.m., Data Effective as of 2020-10-13

Campus Community Test Results



Students: 105
Faculty and staff: 111
Other: 1



Students: 3,914
Faculty and staff: 949
Other: 19

Results available from on- and off-campus tests taken by people approved to be on campus. New values are 9/29/20 – 10/13/20 and Cumulative values are 8/13/20 – 10/13/20.

New UMBC Confirmed Positive Test Results





Students: 18
Faculty and staff: 5

Number of confirmed positive test results via on-campus testing and attestation. New values are 9/29/20 – 10/13/20 and Cumulative values are 8/13/20 – 10/13/20.

Campus Positivity Rate





Proportion of UMBC community tests that were positive, of known test results. New values are 9/29/20 – 10/13/20 and Cumulative values are 8/13/20 – 10/13/20.

Symptom Tracking Compliance


Daily tracking includes temperature and other COVID-19 symptoms, according to USM guidance.
Consistent, active compliance is required of all individuals approved for campus access (faculty, staff, and students).

Baltimore County Positivity Rate


As of 10/13/2020, via Baltimore County COVID-19 Response Hub.

Quarantine Bed Availability


Dedicated housing available for residential students without COVID-19 symptoms, but who have traveled from areas with high positivity rates or have had contact with a person who has tested positive.

Isolation Bed Availability


Dedicated housing to medically isolate and support on-campus residents who test positive or report high-suspicion COVID-19 symptoms.

Online and On-Campus UMBC Populations for Fall 2020 vs. Fall 2019

From 2019 to 2020, the number of students learning fully online increased from 92 to 10,248, and the number of students in on-campus classes (fully on-campus or hybrid classes) decreased from 12,028 to 1,782. The number of residential students decreased from 3,993 to 1,270. This year, 2,235 faculty and staff are working fully online and 1,011 have access to campus. Enrollment numbers reported are as of the 10th day of the semester.

A horizontal bar-graph compares online and in person campus populations from Fall 2019 to Fall 2020.