UMBC Public Health Dashboard

UMBC’s Spring 2022 Dashboard

This dashboard provides timely data about our COVID-19 response. Learn more about our response to positive cases here.

Last Updated: 2022-05-13 9:20 p.m., Data Effective as of 2022-05-12

Vaccine Documentation


Verified Vaccination Status


Students: 98%
Faculty: 96%
Staff: 95%


Vaccination + Booster


Students: 73%
Faculty: 78%
Staff: 73%


Rates include data provided by attestation and CRISP (regional health information network). While UMBC has instituted a booster requirement, not all are currently eligible. Unvaccinated community members complete additional mandatory health and safety requirements.

Case Response


7-day Cases


Residents: 22
Commuters: 12
Faculty and staff: 15


Positivity Rate


Residents: 0.6%
Commuters: 0.2%
Faculty and staff: 0.6%


Number of confirmed positive test results via on-campus testing and attestation. New values are 5/5/22 – 5/12/22. Positivity rate is calculated by the total population of residents, commuters in at least one in-person/hybrid class, and employees.