Testing Groups

All faculty, staff, and students have been assigned to a group that details your health and safety requirements. Group assignments are largely based on vaccination status, including whether or not you have reported your vaccine.

You should view your testing group on your COVID-19 Compliance Card in your myUMBC profile. A further explanation of the groups and expectations is below. We will communicate with each group if requirements change.

If you believe that you have been assigned to a group incorrectly, please email Covid19@umbc.edu.

As public health conditions change, your requirements may also change. Please check your status on your COVID-19 Compliance Card to make sure you understand your requirements.

Groups and testing schedules include:

Testing Plan

  • Fully vaccinated students, faculty, and staff in Group 1 are not required to test regularly or complete symptom tracking.
  • However, fully vaccinated community members may be asked to periodically complete entry testing or surveillance testing.
  • If you do test positive please use the Covid-19 Report A Case form so we can provide you with local and campus resources.
  • If you do not have symptoms and want to voluntarily test, you are able to access on-campus testing but are limited to 10 tests a semester.
  • Testing instructions are available on this page.

Testing Plan

  • Commuters, faculty, staff, and contractors will need to test once a week.
  • Residential students and student-athletes will need to test twice a week. (Group 3)
  • Test on the first day in a week that you come to campus. Do not come to campus just to take a test.
  • If you are symptomatic, do not come to campus to test. Please contact your primary care physician, visit urgent care, or get tested at any local pharmacy. You may also make an appointment with Retriever Integrated Health/Health Services.
  • Testing instructions are available on this page.

The Athletics Departments follows a unique testing schedule approved by the NCAA and the University. It includes regular testing for unvaccinated athletes. Please work directly with the department if you have questions.

Common Concerns

If you believe that you have been assigned to your group incorrectly, please discuss this with your supervisor or professor and email covid19@umbc.edu. I