Symptom Tracking

What is the symptom tracking requirement?

Faculty, staff, and students who are in Health and Safety Groups 2 or 3. must complete UMBC’s daily online symptom tracker. As a public health best practice, please complete the tracker every day, seven days a week, including days that you do and do not anticipate being on campus. You must complete the form a minimum of five days per week to remain in compliance with this requirement. For days that you come to UMBC’s main campus or other UMBC facilities, you must complete the form prior to coming. With this in mind, while you can complete the symptom tracker any time of day, we encourage you to complete it first thing in the morning.

What does the form involve?

The form takes about 30 seconds to complete. It includes a field to note your temperature and simple check boxes to indicate any symptoms or exposure.

What happens after I complete the daily form?

Respondents who indicate possible COVID-19 symptoms or exposure may receive a follow-up call or other instructions based on their specific responses. If you are commuting to campus, please do not travel to campus if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have come in contact with a person experiencing symptoms, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive.

I only need to be on campus occasionally. Do I still need to complete the form?

Yes. The University System of Maryland testing and tracking mandate to complete daily symptom tracking does not include a provision for exceptions.

Can I get daily reminders to complete the form?

Community members approved to be on campus receive daily email reminders to complete the symptom tracker. If you believe you should be receiving daily reminders and aren’t getting them, please email We also encourage bookmarking the symptom tracking site.

You can also now sign up for text reminders for daily online symptom tracking. There are two options for signing up:

    • Go to, click “Groups” on the top right, and then scroll to “Available Groups” and click “subscribe” next to “Daily Symptom Monitoring.”
    • Text SymptomUMBC to 79516.

How is UMBC securing the personal information I submit through UMBC’s online symptom tracker?

UMBC takes the security and privacy of your personal information very seriously. While we are required to collect information as a part of protecting our campus community, we respect the personal nature of the information we are gathering. For that reason, we are securing all information collected through UMBC’s online symptom tracker with the same security measures that we use to protect social security numbers and other confidential information. Please see our full privacy statement for details.