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COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Fall 2020 Testing Policy

All community members approved to be on campus during the fall 2020 semester must complete COVID-19 testing, daily symptom tracking, and health and safety training requirements. Fall 2020 testing is happening in three stages: (1) required testing, (2) ongoing surveillance testing, and (3) athletics testing.

Required Testing

Faculty, staff, and students approved to be on campus for classes or work were required to take a COVID-19 test within the 14 days prior to the start of the fall semester. Residential students also completed a mandated test after Labor Day. If you still need to submit a test result, you can do so using this form.

Faculty, staff, and students with fully remote schedules were NOT required to take a test.

Ongoing Surveillance Testing

In order to keep the campus as safe and healthy as possible, UMBC is currently conducting weekly testing on campus for surveillance purposes. Groups that will participate in testing include:

  • Biweekly samplings of residential students;
  • Targeted sampling of on-campus populations (i.e., staff approved to be on campus, students in on-campus classes, researchers approved to be on campus); and
  • Responsive testing to follow up in situations where we are aware of exposure or possible exposure to COVID-19.

If you are selected for testing, you will receive an email with all necessary instructions. We ask that those approved to be on campus monitor their emails regularly and, if selected, schedule a testing appointment as soon as possible. Please note that we have a limited number of testing slots each week so not every member of selected groups will be asked to test. Testing is intended to provide a representative sample.

We deeply appreciate the many precautions that students, faculty, and staff are consistently taking to protect your health and the health of others on campus and in the broader community.

Results of on-campus testing and reported cases are available on
UMBC’s Public Health Dashboard.

Athletics Testing

Surveillance testing within Athletics exceeds NCAA standards. Men’s and Women’s Basketball students and staff are tested weekly as they actively prepare for a planned season start on November 25. Other student athletes are tested on a rotating basis, with 25 percent of the roster tested every other week.

Off-campus Testing Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I was required to get tested but I haven’t yet done so, or haven’t yet received my results?

UMBC worked within the University System of Maryland testing guidelines to connect faculty, staff, and students with pre-semester COVID-19 testing options off-campus in early August and on-campus August 21-26. In order to provide UMBC community members approved to be on campus this fall with the greatest possible access to pre-semester testing, we extended the on-campus testing period until the day before the start of the semester on August 27 and accepted the results of off-campus tests conducted through August 26.

If you are approved to be on campus and have not yet gotten a COVID-19 test, you should make arrangements to do so as soon as possible at an off-campus location.

We understand that some faculty, staff, and students who are approved to be physically present on campus and who have undergone testing very recently might not have been informed of their test results yet. If you have been tested but have not yet received your results, you may return to campus provided you follow all other health and safety requirements, including daily symptom tracking and COVID-19 health and safety training.

If you have not been tested, do not physically come to campus until you have a negative test result. University Health Services is actively monitoring results from on-campus testing and off-campus test results submitted by community members. Any community member with a known positive test result has received follow-up.

What should I do if I no longer need campus access?

Faculty, staff, and students who believe they no longer need campus access and would like to request removal from the access list should refer to UMBC’s campus access opt-out portal for further information.

What if I receive a positive test result?

If your result is positive, please submit the COVID-19 Case Report Form as soon as possible to initiate UMBC’s support protocols. Please also follow up with your primary care provider. If you do not have a primary care provider, please contact University Health Services at (410) 455-2542.

How can I report the result of my off-campus test?

Those who fulfill their testing requirement with an off-campus test need to submit their result through UMBC’s COVID-19 test result submission form.

I am a student, faculty, or staff member who has been approved to be on campus. When will I take my next test?

We can only conduct approximately 100 tests each week. Not all approved faculty, staff, or students will be asked to re-test. Please continue to complete your daily online symptom tracking and report any symptoms, exposure to individuals with symptoms, or positive results of an off-campus test.

A coworker, colleague, or neighbor of mine received an email requiring them to attend on-campus testing, why didn’t I?

At the advice of public health experts, UMBC is currently conducting weekly testing of our on-campus populations. This testing is for surveillance purposes and is not comprehensive, not every person will be tested. A limited group is selected, notified, and tested each week. If someone you know that is on-campus received a notification and you did not, they were selected through random sampling. You may, but will not necessarily, receive a notification in the coming weeks.

Can I choose to be tested on campus?

At this time we are not able to have community members “walk-in” for on-campus testing. We are exploring this option and will contact all those approved to be on campus if a date becomes available. In the meantime,