Testing Overview

  • UMBC currently provides free rapid tests for all community members. They are available for pick up at:
    • the Police Station
    • Commons Information Center
    • Residence hall and apartment front desks
  • The FDA routinely extends the expiration dates on COVID-19 testing kits. We continuously monitor the kits we distribute to make sure they are still valid. Even if the date on the package indicates they have expired, staff have verified that all tests are still effective. You can review the FDA’s list of extensions here.
  • UMBC’s on-campus PCR testing is currently paused.
  • Do not come to campus if you are sick. This will potentially expose other community members. Please seek testing with your healthcare provider. Learn more about reporting your result and our response here.
  • Residential students can also pick up tests from community desks in open residence halls.

Who Should Test on Campus

Testing is for asymptomatic individuals who believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 or for individuals who have been directed to complete testing for compliance or surveillance reasons. Fully vaccinated and verified community members do not need to submit regular COVID-19 tests.