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September 1: Retriever Ready Action Update

UMBC Public Health Dashboard + Study Abroad Update

Please see the latest updates on UMBC’s Retriever Ready website. We encourage you to bookmark this site for the most current information on UMBC’s COVID-19 response, online learning this fall, and more. Questions? Please email covid19@umbc.edu.

COVID-19 Health & Safety

  • UMBC’s Public Health Dashboard provides timely data about the prevalence of COVID-19 within our main campus, based on UMBC’s on-campus testing and reported results from off-campus testing among UMBC faculty, staff, and students who are approved to be on campus this fall. UMBC’s current positivity rate is 0.7% (learn more).
  • We understand that some faculty, staff, and students who are approved to be physically present on campus and who have undergone testing very recently might not have been informed of their test results yet. If you have been tested but have not yet received your results, you may return to campus provided you follow all other health and safety requirements, including daily symptom tracking and COVID-19 health and safety training. If you have not been tested, do not physically come to campus until you have a negative test result.

Winter and Spring 2021 Study Abroad Programs

  • Winter and Spring 2021 study abroad programs are canceled. UMBC will not accept applications for future terms until current travel restrictions are lifted.

Campus Access

  • Reminder: To help keep our community safe, students commuting to campus for in-person classes should enter only those buildings in which their in-person classes are being held. As needed, they are also permitted to visit University Health Services (by appointment only), Student Conduct and Community Standards, True Grit’s Dining Hall, and campus study spaces. Commuting students are not permitted in residential buildings.
  • Reminder: Students who are not approved to be on campus should not visit campus. However, all students can access free wifi from the Administration Drive Garage, if needed for online learning, provided they remain in their vehicles.

UMBC Together

Posted: September 1, 2020, 5:34 PM