Dining & Food Services

UMBC Dining is excited to offer a variety of safe and nutritious options for our students. Our on-campus registered dietitian, Adam Sachs, will be available through free virtual consultation for students. For more information on hours, meal plans, and locations, please visit our dining website at DineOnCampus.com/UMBC

True Grit’s

This fall, we will be operating under normal hours for True Grit’s dining hall and have extended the lunch period to 3 p.m. True Grit’s will offer all of your favorite kitchen line items for students to customize their own meal. Meals will be packaged in to-go containers, and students will have the option of taking their meals back to their resident facility, eating at one of the outdoor dining areas, or choosing to eat inside if comfortable (we will be operating at a 50 percent dine-in capacity.)

Grab-and-Go Venues

In retail, we will be operating student favorites including The Halal Shack, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, 2.Mato, and the Market.

All of our retail locations will be grab-and-go and all of our locations (with the exclusion of Chick-fil-A), will be available on Boost, our free online ordering app in which students can pre-order their meals with credit or meal plan flex dollars and pick them up at the station without having to wait in line.