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Students, Health, and Well-Being

The health and well-being of all UMBC students are paramount to academic success. We know that sense of belonging, interaction, and community development are foundational to student academic success and college degree attainment. These three foundational elements have led us to a student care framework of well-being across many dimensions in planning for Fall 2020, anticipating that the majority of students will take courses virtually, and there will be reduced density in the number of students residing on campus, with the remaining students commuting.

Housing and Residential Programs

The pre-COVID-19 on campus residence density is not achievable in a safe and healthy way in the current and near-term environment. Therefore, our plan conceives at most a reduced-density model in our residence halls. The exact number and configuration of on-campus housing will be determined in collaboration with instructional and research planning, in order to give priority to those students who otherwise would not be able to complete courses required for continued progress toward their degrees.

Health and Counseling

University Health and Counseling (UHC) will continue to operate in a remote telehealth mode with a focus on improving the patient experience from lessons learned this spring. In addition, University Health and Counseling Centers are gearing up to provide on-campus services to support the emergency needs of residents based on the housing model selected.

In addition to clinical services, public health strategies and education will be critical to the physical reopening of campus. Planning and resourcing this area presents unique challenges, and detailed planning will continue in consultation with other planning groups.

Student Conduct and Community Standards

Health and safety standards for all students are being developed. The Code of Student Conduct will be amended prior to fall. Related changes for Residential Life policies are also being developed.

Student Community

Curricular and co-curricular interactions are key to maintaining our core values and mission during the distance learning period. Multiple areas of Student Affairs (e.g. Student Life, Off Campus Student Services, Mosaic, Interfaith Center, Commons), as well as Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Athletics and Recreation, have formed a planning team to explore novel, cross-unit, remote, and low-density in-person activities that foster community, inclusion, and continued opportunities for student support, co-curricular learning, and interaction critical to learning and retention.

Career Services

The Career Center will continue to provide all services online.