Coordinating Committee, Work Groups, and Subgroups

COVID-19 Planning Coordinating Committee

  • Philip Rous, Provost, Co-Chair
  • Lynne Schaefer, VP, Administration and Finance, Co-Chair
  • Lisa Akchin, Associate VP, Engagement and CMO
  • Paul Dillon, Chief of Police
  • Candace Dodson-Reed, President’s Chief of Staff
  • David Gleason, General Counsel
  • Marie Lilly, Director, Community Engagement
  • Susan McDonough, Associate Professor, History; Vice President, Faculty Senate
  • Antonio Moreira, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Sarah Shin, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Greg Simmons, VP, Institutional Advancement
  • Orianne Smith, Associate Professor, English; President, Faculty Senate
  • Karl Steiner, VP, Research
  • Jack Suess, VP, Information Technology
  • Lucy Wilson, Professor, Emergency Health Services
  • Nancy Young, VP, Student Affairs

Work Groups and Subgroups

Academic, led by Tony Moreira & Sarah Shin
  • CNMS, led by Bill LaCourse
  • COEIT, led by Maria Sanchez
  • CAHSS, led by Kimberly Moffitt
  • Other Instructional, led by Katharine Cole and Janet Rutledge
  • Other Academic, led by Yvette Mozie-Ross
  • Others, led by Peter Henderson and DoIT representative
Research, led by Karl Steiner
  • Wet Lab/Bench Research, led by Chuck Bieberich and Erin Lavik
  • Core Centers/Sensitive Equipment, led by Tagide deCarvalho
  • Community-Engaged Research, Field Work, Performing Arts, led by Preminda Jacob
  • Research Access Exceptions Team, led by Karl Steiner
Student, led by Nancy Young
  • Physical/Emotional Well-Being, led by Vic Madrid and Kris Sagun
  • Social/Spiritual Well-Being, led by Amanda Scally, Davonya Hall, David Glenn, Morgan Mantell, and Brittini Brown
  • Environmental Well-Being, led by David Hoffman
  • Occupational Well-Being, led by Christine Routzahn
  • Financial Well-Being, led by Theresa Delin
Events and Community Engagement, led by Greg Simmons
  • Facilities/Logistics/Off-Campus, led by Terry Cook
  • Intercollegiate Athletics, led by Brian Barrio
  • Events/Engagement, led by Marie Lilly
Operations, led by Jack Suess
  • Facilities, led by Lenn Caron
  • HR/Business, led by Kathy Dettloff
  • Safety/Security, led by Paul Dillon
  • Metrics, led by Bob Carpenter