Reporting Vaccination

Thank you for getting vaccinated against COVID-19! We all have a role in keeping our community healthy and safe. In order to comply with our vaccine requirement for the 2021-2022 academic year, please submit your vaccine information using one of the options below as soon as possible. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are also below.

January 2022 update: You may now use this process to report your booster shot. If you have already consented to CRISP, you do not need to take further action to report your booster.

Reporting Options

There are two ways to report your vaccine. Please choose one.

Register with CRISP

If you were vaccinated in Maryland or DC, we encourage you to complete the consent form for CRISP, Maryland’s regional health information exchange, to support collection and use of COVID-19 data important to public health with clinicians and other approved users.

If you choose this option, you do not need to provide any additional information to UMBC. Once you sign the consent form, your vaccination and COVID-19 testing data will be automatically shared with UMBC (Please note that this process is still very new and it may take a week for us to receive the information and note it in your record). If you completed this form earlier this year for testing, you will need to complete the form again in order to grant consent to access your vaccine and testing records.

Unfortunately, the CRISP system is not always able to correctly match you and your data. This is a statewide system, we are unable to change or improve this process. If you have consented to CRISP and your results are not available in a few days, please manually upload your card.

Upload Your Card

If you were vaccinated out-of-state, or you prefer to manually share your vaccination information, please complete this attestation form. You will need to upload an image of your vaccination card.  Your card must show your name, vaccine type, and the dates of all shots, or we will be unable to verify your records.

Please note, you may now upload information even if you have only received your first shot of a two dose vaccine, including Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. In order to be fully vaccinated and verified, you will need to upload proof of a second shot as soon as you receive it.

Trouble Shooting

To view your vaccination status, you need to check your COVID Compliance card. Log in to your myUMBC account and click on profile.

If your COVID Compliance card reads Verified, you are fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption and we have received all of the required information. You do not need to take any additional steps!

If your COVID Compliance cards is labeled as partial this may mean:

  • You Submitted vaccine attestation that is pending review and verification. It may take a week to process your record.
  • We have received your data but it is not yet two weeks past the date of your last shot. This record will show Pending Full Vaccination and will change to verified when the proper time has elapsed
  • We have only received notification of your first dose. If you consented to CRISP, your second dose should automatically upload.
  • We have received an exemption application from you that is under review.

If your COVID Compliance cards is labeled as Not Verified this may mean:

  • Nothing has been submitted for vaccine documentation or exemption forms.
  • Your vaccine attestation has been reviewed and marked Unverifiable. In this situation, you need to resubmit your attestation. If you consented to CRISP and your record is marked as Not Verified, please manually upload your card.
  • Your exemption application has been denied.

CRISP has been a tremendous boost to assisting UMBC community members with getting their vaccine documentation submitted, and has successfully transmitted thousands of records. However, there are times that CRISP is unable to match you or incorrectly matches you, such as showing your final dose as your first dose. Unfortunately we have no control over this process. If you have consented to CRISP and more than two weeks has elapsed, please manually upload your vaccination card.

Please allow from a half hour to an hour for your COVID Card to fully reflect the submitted information. If you’ve received a confirmation email and your card still does not show the information, please contact Please keep in mind that it may take up to a week to fully verify your data.

Information on getting a vaccine appointment, as well as vaccine information and resources, are available here.

You can submit a medical or religious exemption request here.