Phases and Timing

Multi-Phased Approach

The need to reduce the number of people on campus (density) to meet physical distancing requirements will continue for some time As a result, employees who can continue to effectively work remotely will likely continue to do so through the end of the fall semester. No unit or department may increase staffing levels to support on-campus operations without approval from the Return to On-Campus Work Review Committee.

UMBC will use a multi-phase approach to return employees to campus.  This approach is necessary to ensure appropriate physical distancing, availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), effective symptom tracking, and testing capabilities for COVID-19. We will assess expanded staffing based on:

  • mission-critical operations
  • ability to control and manage specific work environments
  • specific services that support the student experience
  • campus operations, including the need to access on-site resources, and
  • pursuit of research, creative achievement, and community engagement.

COMPLETE: Phase 0 – Preparation (March 18 – June 14, 2020) 

During the Preparation Phase (Phase 0), employees who could effectively work remotely continued to do so. A limited number of employees were asked to work on campus. Visitors and students were not permitted on campus.

CURRENT STATUS: Phase 1 – Summer Pilot Research Activities and Preparation for Limited Return to Campus (June 15 – August 2, 2020)

During Phase 1, employees who can effectively work remotely will continue to do so. A limited number of employees will be working on campus, including faculty who have been approved to return to work on campus for research and creative achievement purposes. Visitors and students not approved to be on campus are strongly discouraged from coming to campus.

Phase 2 – Limited Return to Campus (August 3, 2020 – End of Fall 2020 Semester)

During Phase 2, most employees who can continue work remotely will continue to do so. A limited number of faculty and staff will work on campus to offer specific services that support the student experience, research, and campus operations. Approved students and approved visitors will be on campus during Phase 2. Only those employees who have received the necessary return to on-campus work approval will be permitted to work on campus. 

If a staff or faculty member has an occasional reason to work on campus, a written request for an exception must be submitted to the supervisor/department head for approval by the vice president/dean or designee.