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Retrievers are ready to teach, learn, discover, connect, and protect our community this fall.

  • UMBC began the fall semester on August 27. Currently, 91 percent of courses and associated sections are fully online, 7 percent are hybrid, and 2 percent are fully in-person. Classes will not be held in person after Thanksgiving.
  • On-campus housing is operating at 34 percent capacity for the fall semester.
  • UMBC is open, with most employees working remotely. Maryland is currently under a Safer at Home Order.
  • Campus building access is restricted to faculty, staff, and students approved to work, live, and take classes on campus this fall. All people authorized to be on campus this fall must fulfill COVID-19 testing and other requirements.
  • UMBC continues to monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 in the region and on campus, and will make adjustments to restrict or expand campus access based on the best information available.
  • If you have a question concerning UMBC’s COVID-19 response, please contact
  • If you have an emergency, please call UMBC Police at 410-455-5555.


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