• Effective Monday, October 3, 2022, Masks are recommended but not required for much of the campus. We ask that all in our community Keep Masks in Mind by carrying a mask with them and respecting individuals who need or choose to wear a mask.
  • Individuals who have recently been exposed to or recovered from COVID-19 should continue to mask for at least 10 days following their exposure or positive test.
  • When you need to mask, we continue to encourage you to select a high-quality mask. Free KN95 masks are available on campus.
  • Free KN95 masks are available during business hours at the following locations:
    1. The Police Station front counter
    2. Campus Card and Dining Services
    3. Retriever Activities Center
    4. The Commons Information Center
    5. Albin O. Kuhn Library Circulation Desk
    6. Residence hall and apartment front desks
  • Departments wishing to request a supply of masks must call Facilities Management Work Control at 410-455-2550 to arrange a time to pick up masks.
  • You can wear a KN95 mask multiple times. More information on proper use of KN95 masks is available here. The University makes every effort to procure approved (i.e., not counterfeit) masks using a variety of standards.
  • Keep Masks in Mind by:
    • Carrying a mask with you at all times.
    • When you’re in a meeting or a gathering, asking other people if they would be more comfortable if you wear a mask.
    • Respecting people who choose to mask.
    • Respecting requests from others who ask you to wear a mask.
    • Wearing a mask if you have recently recovered from COVID-19, know you have recently been exposed, or have symptoms.