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Location and Scheduling

The following information is provided to guide supervisors and department heads as they consider preparing a Return to On-Campus Work application. For the fall 2020 semester, employees will continue to work remotely unless a departmental-specific plan is approved.

For Employees Approved to Return to Work on Campus: Supervisors should work with employees to design a schedule that promotes safety and minimizes potential virus transmission. It is expected that approved employees will work under more than one of the following scheduling options:

  • Remote Work: Those who can work or teach remotely to fulfill some or all of their work responsibilities may continue to do so in order to reduce the number of individuals on campus and minimize spread of the virus.
  • Alternating Days: In order to limit the number of individuals and interactions on campus, units should schedule partial in-person staffing on alternating days. Such schedules will help enable physical distancing, especially in areas with large common work spaces.
  • Staggered Reporting/Departing: The beginning and end of the workday brings many people together at common entry/exit points of buildings. Staggering reporting and departure times will reduce traffic in common areas to help meet physical distancing requirements.