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Updated Event Guidance

Key Points

  • Event safety guidance continues to evolve given the changing public health situation.

  • Due to limited space availability, we do not recommend planning large events f Fall 2021.

  • Scheduling for fall events opens on July 1 in 25Live.

  • Consider offering virtual components to events so all community members can participate.

  • For the fall, Free Hour has been moved to Fridays between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Dear Colleagues,

We know that our community is eager to resume in-person events and traditions as we return to more in-person campus operations.  This is a dynamic time, with rapidly evolving public health protocols, changing state and local requirements, and limited space availability on-campus.  In this context, the Events and Activities Workgroup is assessing what safety measures will be required for fall events. We can share the following updates that we hope will assist you as you plan your fall events, particularly those that happen in the first half of the semester.

The Events and Activities Workgroup has been reviewing and approving a limited number of summer on-campus events and activities. These decisions are giving us vital information and feedback to inform how to effectively evaluate, advise, execute, and assess our efforts around safety and risk mitigation for events and activities for the fall within the context of broad UMBC guidance. 

Large Events

Due to potential physical distancing protocols, most of our large event spaces are currently scheduled to be used for classroom instruction. Because of the limited space inventory and evolving safety concerns, we do not recommend planning large events in the early fall. The COVID-19 Planning Coordinating Committee (CPCC), in conjunction with Event & Conference Services, is working with campus leadership to plan a limited number of indoor and outdoor large events for our community. If you wish to plan an event with more than 50 attendees, please reach out to your Vice President or Dean to discuss. 

Virtual Events

Our pivot to virtual events has helped us learn a lot about access and ways to connect with those not on our physical campus. When we return to in-person events, we hope that hosts will continue to offer options for community members to participate in events remotely. Several new spaces across campus are being outfitted with technology to make this possible. We will share additional resources over the summer. At this time, we continue to recommend that day-to-day business meetings remain in a virtual format using Webex in order to ensure safety and access for all community members.

Event Scheduling Considerations: 

  • As of July 1, the exception process for in-person events will be transitioned.  The risk assessment review will be integrated into the 25Live event form, allowing us to more nimbly manage requests while simplifying the process for campus partners. The first step in scheduling an event with an in-person component will be to request a space in 25Live. 

  • Free Hour has been moved to Fridays between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. in order to help prevent overcrowding in dining spaces. Keep this in mind when scheduling events, as there may be classes during the noon hour.

Other Considerations

Guidance related to UMBC events at off-campus locations as well as policies for events that include off-campus are under consideration.  

Thank you for your partnership as we continue to monitor the situation and develop the most appropriate guidance for our community. 

Greg Simmons, Vice President, Institutional Advancement


Posted: June 17, 2021, 4:01 PM