If You Test Positive

Guidance for community members who have recently tested positive for COVID-19


Community members who have been on campus and have tested positive, or been a close contact of someone who has tested positive, should file a Case Report Form. If you tested positive using a rapid home test, you should consider reporting to the State of Maryland through this portal.

When you can return to campus

Community members who have had a recent positive test must complete the isolation period required by their healthcare provider or local health department. If you did not receive either, you must complete the guidance required by the CDC. This includes a 5 day isolation and continuous mask wearing for the next 5 days, only if you have resolving symptoms and have been without a fever for 24 hours. Those without resolving symptoms at day 5 should continue isolation until improved, then wear a mask for 5 days. Residential students will have special requirements and will receive specific guidance when they complete the case report form.

Return to Campus Testing

Those with recent COVID-19 infection do not need to complete entry testing, but should report your positive test result here to be exempted from any testing for 90 days.

When you can receive a COVID-19 Booster

According to the CDC, you can receive a vaccine once you have fully recovered from COVID and finished your isolation and masking period. Most are expected be recovered and eligible for booster vaccination two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19. If your healthcare provider requests a longer timeline, you will be asked to provide that request in writing.