Basic Safety & PPE

Hygiene and Hand-Washing

Proper hygiene is one thing that everyone can practice to reduce the spread of germs and viruses. As faculty, staff, and students return to campus, every person needs to discipline themselves into a routine with proper hygiene.

  • Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands frequently with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds and utilize sanitizer when soap and water are not available. Hands should be washed prior to eating and again after eating and any time after using the restroom.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Don’t share tools or equipment. If sharing is necessary, consider disinfecting the tool or equipment between uses, wearing gloves, or both.
  • Faculty and staff should disinfect their work areas and maintain a clean work environment.
  • Departments with frequently-used shared spaces should disinfect these spaces several times a day.
  • Mobile phones should be disinfected daily as they are frequently placed on high-touch surfaces. Avoid sharing phones with others.

Personal Protective Equipment

MasksFace coverings or masks are required to be worn in buildings and outdoors when required. Face coverings are not required when alone in a closed room, such as a private office or lab. Self-purchased masks with slogans and/or symbols must be appropriate for a professional environment.

Gloves – If gloves are necessary, a department must process a work order for the number of pairs required for the department employees working on campus who require gloves.

Sanitizer stations – UMBC is providing sanitizer stations in common areas. Additional sanitizers, requested specifically for departmental spaces, can be provided by Facilities Management though a work order. The cost of additional sanitizer stations will be charged to the department through the journal entry process. Alternatively, a department may opt to directly purchase sanitizers.

Disinfectant Spray and Paper Towels – UMBC is providing disinfectant spray and paper towels for departments with employees returning to work on campus. These items can be secured through the work order process.

Additional Signage – Signage beyond the standard building signs must be requested by departments through the work order process. If approved, Facilities Management will provide the additional signage. A request for additional signage requires planning ahead.

Customer Shields or Plexiglas Dividers – Departments identifying a potential need for customer shields or Plexiglas dividers should make a request through the work order process. If approved based on an assessment of need, Facilities Management will provide the shields or dividers. A request for customer shields or Plexiglas dividers requires planning ahead. Other mitigation measures must be explored prior to utilizing customer shields.