Fall 2021 Classroom Safety

To ensure a safe learning environment, UMBC has established a set of baseline requirements for all classroom activities in Fall 2021.

  • The occupancy of all face-to-face classrooms has been set based on physical distancing requirements and will be posted on the classroom door. Courses will be assigned to rooms using these new occupancy limits.
  • Face masks are required at all times by everyone in the classroom, including the instructor.
  • Desks or chairs used for seating are spaced to meet physical distancing requirements. Each classroom has been reviewed to identify the safe occupancy with 1m of physical distancing in place and the desks or chairs are arranged to support this. Faculty and students are not permitted to move furniture.
  • Dispensers with disinfecting wipes or spray bottles with paper towels are in each classroom to allow students and faculty to clean their desk or space as they take their seat.
  • There should be no materials handled and shared between students in the classroom. There should be no equipment or resources shared between students in the classroom.  Distribution and collection of paper exams is acceptable and should be done in a manner that does not require person to person contact.
  • Classroom windows should not be opened as this has the potential to disrupt the operation of the building HVAC system.
  • Faculty and students will be expected to comply with all testing and monitoring protocols in place during the semester.

Departments and Faculty who request exceptions to these baseline requirements will complete a risk assessment application and review before being granted approval.