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Fall 2020 Course Information

Semester Timeline

The first day of classes remains August  27.

Following the Thanksgiving break, all classes will continue online only and residence halls will be closed. Students taking a research course or research independent study (e.g., 499, 699, 799, 899 courses) should consult with their faculty mentor as to how in-person experiences (if any) will be arranged.

Class Locations/Modalities

Most courses will continue to meet fully online during the fall semester. A small number of courses will meet in-person on campus or in a hybrid format consisting of a combination of some in-person meetings and online delivery. These courses include:

  • Courses required for a major and/or requiring special spaces or facilities. This includes courses for students needing to complete a research or creative activity project involving in-person work, and courses in which a prototype or artistic creation must be produced.
  • Courses designed to build tangible connection between new students and the campus.
  • ALL courses approved for in-person or hybrid delivery have passed a health and safety risk assessment review to ensure that appropriate social distancing and sanitation measures can be, and are, implemented.

Student Safety

We recognize that not all students will be able to or feel comfortable returning to campus for in person classes. All instructors for in-person courses are fully prepared to accommodate students who cannot attend in person classes through online methods. In addition, instructors have also developed alternative plans should health conditions require a switch to fully online instruction for the campus.

Course List

Download PDF

You can now view the approved list of courses that will be offered in-person or as a hybrid. Any course not on the list will be offered online.

We are currently updating the Schedule of Classes, which will be complete by June 25. After that, students should consider that the primary resource for the most up-to-date information. Course information for UMBC Shady Grove students will also be available.