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Return to On-Campus Work

CURRENT STATUS: Phase 2 – Limited Return to Campus
August 3, 2020 – end of fall 2020 semester

During Phase 2, most employees who can continue work remotely will continue to do so. A limited number of faculty and staff will work on campus to offer specific services that support the student experience, research, and campus operations. Approved students and approved visitors will be on campus during Phase 2. Only those employees who have received the necessary return to on-campus work approval will be permitted to work on campus.

If a staff or faculty member has an occasional reason to work on campus, a written request for an exception must be submitted to the supervisor/department head for approval by the vice president/dean or designee.

Please see the Human Resources comprehensive FAQ for employees and supervisors for more detailed information and  answers to any specific work-related questions during COVID-19.

Employee guidelines for return to work

All employees are expected to fully comply with the policies, protocols, and guidelines outlined in this document. Failure to do so may result in corrective action.

Employee Guide →

Supervisor/Dept Head Guide →