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Return to On-Campus Work Approval Process

Please Note: This section is provided for informational purposes only. The Return to On-Campus Work Approval Process should be completed only by supervisors and department heads. Questions can be directed to:

Before You Apply

Throughout the multi-phased process, supervisors/department heads will have a pivotal role in identifying employees required to work on campus. In order to be prepared for employees returning to campus, supervisors/department heads are asked to complete the tasks on the Supervisor/Department Head Checklist.

Supervisors/department heads are encouraged to notify employees of a possible return to on-campus work at the time of application. It is important that supervisors/department heads offer opportunities for employees to have conversations around scheduling options as well as any concerns they may have about returning to campus.

Process for Phase 1 (June 15 ﹘ August 2, 2020)

  • Complete the RCA Access Request Form
    • Tips for Completing the Access Request form can be found here.
    • The Access Request Form will be subject to review and approval by the Department Chair, Environmental Safety & Health, the Associate Dean for Research, the Dean, and the Vice President for Research.
  • Successfully complete the Office of Environmental Health and Safety mandatory training module “Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Awareness.” More information is coming soon.

Process for Phase 2 (August 3, 2020 ﹘ End of the Fall 2020 Semester)

  • Approval to work on campus will follow the Return to On-Campus Work Approval Process.
  • Key parts of the process include:
    • Identifying the activity that is being proposed for on-campus work and documenting the justification for the activity on the Return to On-Campus Work Application.
    • Completing the Risk Assessment Template.
    • Notifying employees that they are being considered for returning to on-campus work.
    • Submitting the Return to On-Campus Work Application to the appropriate vice president or dean. The approval/appeal process is outlined in detail in the linked document.
    • If application is approved, supervisors/department heads will contact employees approved to return to campus.
    • Completing required preparation for returning to campus.

Reporting Concerns

Ensuring the health and safety of all campus community members is everyone’s responsibility. If you have concerns about your safety at work, we encourage you to discuss those concerns with your supervisor or department head, or with Human Resources at