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Coronavirus and Influenza Updates

In an effort to keep our community informed, we want to update you on the University’s response to influenza in the State of Maryland as well as the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. The CDC continues to consider the 2019-nCoV coronavirus a serious but not immediate health risk to the general American public. While there are confirmed cases in the United States, the CDC believes that this virus is not currently actively spreading in the United States. There are no confirmed cases in Maryland or within the UMBC community.

A workgroup, comprised of representatives from across campus, is meeting regularly to act on the latest information to keep the community safe, healthy, and informed. UMBC continues to implement measures designed to minimize the spread of influenza and reduce the risk of coronavirus in our community. For information on these efforts and updates on campus communications, please visit uhs.umbc.edu/resources/coronavirus. The website also includes essential information on preventing influenza and recommendations for individuals with underlying health conditions.

We are aware that some in our community may be affected by this outbreak, both with concern for family and colleagues living and working in affected areas, and the effects of elevated travel advisories. If you have questions about travel related to this issue, please contact David Di Maria, associate vice provost for international education, at 410-455-2624. Please also know that the campus community is eager to support you in this difficult time. If you are feeling impacted in any way by these circumstances, and need support or information, we encourage you to reach out to University Health Services for support or International Education Services to get clarification about any immigration policies or updates, and to share if you have any negative experiences from the way the campus community is responding to the situation.

Finally, we would like to remind community members that one of the most effective treatments for influenza and flu-like illness is rest. Given the highly communicable nature of influenza and other similar conditions, for the health of all in our community, we encourage sick individuals to stay home and avoid public places. If you are sick and need assistance, please call University Health Services at 410-455-2542.

Bruce Herman, Ph.D., Director, University Health Services and Counseling Center

Posted: February 7, 2020, 9:32 AM