Vaccination is strongly recommended for all other eligible students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about the CDC’s recommendations for vaccination here.

Community members no longer need to report cases of COVID-19 to the university.

All community members who have had a recent positive test must complete the guidance required by the CDC. This includes a minimum 5-day isolation and a required masking period for up to 5 days afterwards. For most average-risk cases, COVID-19 illnesses can be treated at home with symptom-based over-the-counter medications.  Please connect with your healthcare provider if you need additional information or advice. Students who receive their healthcare on campus can reach out to Retriever Integrated Health.

The university no longer provides designated isolation housing and asks that students return home or off-campus to complete their isolation. Students who are unable to do so or need additional support should contact residential life directly.

If your isolation period interferes with classes and/or work, please contact your instructor and/or supervisor to make arrangements.

Please consult your healthcare provider for testing and treatment. Retriever Integrated Health will continue to provide testing and healthcare for symptomatic community members as a part of a visit. You can learn more about services and fees on their website.

At home rapid test kits are available for purchase at the Yum Shoppe and the AOK Library vending machine.

We ask that all in our community Keep Masks in Mind by carrying a mask with them and respecting individuals who need or choose to wear a mask.

The university will provide high- quality KN95 masks to those in need at the following locations:

  • Retriever Activities Center
  • The Commons Information Center
  • Albin O. Kuhn Library Circulation Desk

If your professor, colleague, or other community member requests that you wear a mask in a classroom, meeting, or other situation, we ask that you respect their wishes and needs.

Have additional questions? Please contact the appropriate campus office:

Student Health 

Retriever Integrated Health, 410-455-2542, rih@umbc.edu

On-Campus Living

Residential Life, 410-455-2591, submit a ticket

Missing Class or Work?

Students should reach out to their individual professors to make arrangements should they miss class due to illness. Faculty and staff should work with their supervisors.